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Best to treat you. Palliative treatment does not just mean painkillers and anti sickness medicines. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery can all be used palliatively. They can reduce symptoms without aiming to cure the cancer. For example, surgery may be used to relieve a blocked bowel. The surgeon would remove as much of the cancer as necessary to relieve the blockage even if the cancer had spread to other parts of the body. The surgery would relieve severe sickness and may mean that the person with the cancer feels better and lives longer. Back to top     steroids steroids are used quite often in cancer treatment. They can be given as part of chemotherapy treatment. They can also be used to help you feel better and control symptoms. Steroids can reduce swelling. Sometimes swelling around a tumour adds to the symptoms it causes. So if the swelling is reduced, this can help to control symptoms such as pain. Steroids may also increase your appetite and generally help you to feel better. They can stop you getting to sleep. If you are having problems with sleeping, ask your doctor if you can take all your steroid tablets in the morning. generic viagras brought in united states viagra for sale viagra online buy generic viagra buy viagra cheap generic viagra viagra no prescription fastest shipping us viagra online buy viagra on line Taking the steroids early in the day may help. Don't do this without checking with your doctor. And make sure that you don't run out of tablets. Always renew your prescription in plenty of time. Steroid treatment usually has to be tailed off slowly, so don't stop taking steroid tablets without checking with your doctor first. There is detailed information about the side effects of steroids in the cancer treatment section of cancerhelp uk. Back to top     blood transfusions it is quite common for people with cancer to become anaemic. This means you don't have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around your body. Anaemia can make you feel tired and breathless. Blood transfusions are the best way to quickly top up your red blood cells. You have the blood cells into your vein by drip. The drip takes a few hours – exactly how long depends on how many bags of blood you need. You may be able to have this done in the outpatient department or you may be asked to go into hospital overnight. Back to top     bisphosphonates if the cancer has spread to your bones, drugs called bisphosphonates may help to relieve bone pain and reduce bone damage. You.