viagra 100 nebenwirkung Ultrasound research today is a free monthly online journal that collates and summarizes the latest research about ultrasound, including details on screening, diagnosis, pregnancy, detection. Ultrasound research today home view latest issue information about ultrasound books on ultrasound advertising in research today view other research today publications automatic texture-based analysis in ultrasound imaging of ovarian masses. Faschingbauer f, beckmann mw, weyert goecke t, renner s, hã¤berle l, benz m, wittenberg t, mã¼nzenmayer c gynã¤kologie und geburtshilfe, universitã¤tsfrauenklinik erlangen. Purpose: to assess the diagnostic accuracy of a new automatic texture-based algorithm (atba) in ultrasound imaging of ovarian masses and to compare its performance to subjective assessment by examiners with different levels of ultrasound experience. Materials and methods: a total of cardinal ultrasound images from three different groups of ovarian lesions (malignancies, functional cysts, and dermoid cysts) were evaluated using atba and by a total of 36 examiners with four different levels of experience (9 junior trainees, 8 senior trainees, 11 senior gynecologists, and 8 experts). Cohen's îº, youden's indices, and the sensitivity and specificity of atba and of each observer were calculated for every subgroup of ovarian lesions. Results: atba classified 78 of the cv masses correctly (îº = 0. 62) - results that were significantly better than those of the junior and senior trainees (p = 0. 02 and p < 0. 01), while differences from the group of level ii examiners did not reach statistical significance (p = 0. 27). The best diagnostic performance (îº = 0. 70) was obtained by the group of expert level iii ultrasonographers. The best classification rates overall, including both atba and subjective assessments, were achieved in the detection of functional cysts (youden's indices from 0. 73 to 0. buy cheap viagra generic viagra online trusted on line sites to buy viagra buy viagra for men viagra online buy viagra online without script generic viagra online usa viagra buy 85), while the poorest diagnostic performance was obtained for the classification of dermoid cysts (youden's indices from 0. 28 to 0. 55). Conclusion: atba showed a significantly better diagnostic performance than observers with low or medium levels of experience, emphasizing its potential value for training purposes and in providing additional diagnostic assistance for inexperienced observers. Published 24 may 2012 in ultra.